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At Shinko Technos Co., Ltd., we are dedicated to providing support for a more prosperous society, as we have been doing for over half a century.
Our temperature measuring controls have been used to support various industries from manufacturers of plastics and rubber, food and packaging, to textiles and ceramics.
Our products also support industries which provide essential services such as medical, environmental and energy industries.

"Contributing to the future through high quality and environmental preservation"

In addition to many years of experience and know-how, we have established a quality assurance system (ISO9001) to provide high levels of service and satisfaction to our customers, and aim at contributing to the future through activities (ISO14001) derived from thoughtful consideration for the global environment and harmonious coexistence within society.
Certified office
ISO9001:Head office, Sanda factory, Nagoya Sales Branch,
Tokyo Sales Branch and Fukuoka factory
ISO14001:Sanda factory and Fukuoka factory

President Hironori Kitagawa
Founded October 1945
Incorporated March 1949
Capital JPY 90,000,000
Employees 185
Products  Temperature controllers, Digital indicating controllers,
Multi-point control system, Temperature control boards,
Infrared temperature sensors, Programmable controllers,
Digital indicators, Signal conditioners,
Temperature/Humidity transmitters/Converters,
Recorders, Data loggers, Power controllers, Level switches,
Thermocouples, RTDs, Actuators,
Manufacture and sales of various industrial measuring instruments
Factories and laboratories Fukuoka and Sanda factories, and Tokushima R&D laboratories

Overseas Netherlands SHINKO EUROPE B.V.
affiliated Haarsteegsestraat 41,
companies 5254 JN Haarsteeg,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 73 5111182
Fax: +31 73 5111183

C1-17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Khu dan cu Nam cau Cam Le,
Hoa Phuoc, Hoa Vang, Da Nang, Vietnam
Tel: +84-236- 369 5955
Fax: +84-236- 369 5955

Click here for our overseas agency.

Head office 2-5-1, Senbahigashi, Minoo, Osaka, Japan 562-0035
Tel: (072)727-4571, Fax: (072)727-2993
Overseas division   2-5-1, Senbahigashi, Minoo, Osaka, 562-0035, Japan
Tel: 81-72-727-6100, Fax: 81-72-727-7006

History 1945 Sadao Kitagawa established Shinko Electric Instrument Works, Ltd. in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-city.
Started to manufacture electrical switchboard instruments.
1949 Incorporated and officially named Shinko Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.
1953 Developed and started to manufacture electron tube type automatic temperature controllers.
1960 Developed and started to manufacture transistor type automatic temperature controllers.
1961 Head office and factory completed in Minoo-city, Osaka.
1968 Sanda factory completed in Sanda-city, Hyogo.
1973 Fukuoka factory completed in Mitsui-gun, Fukuoka.
1980 Developed microcomputer based temperature controller, became a pioneer of the industry.
1985 Tokushima factory completed in Oe-gun, Tokushima (Currently, Yoshinogawa-city, Tokushima).
Established the Central research laboratory at the head office, in Osaka.
1987 Increased capital to JPY 353,880,000 (4,000,000 stocks).
Hideo Kitagawa inaugurated as new president.
1991 Changed company name to SHINKO TECHNOS CO., LTD.
2000 Established NINGBO SHINKO AUTOMATIC ENGINEERING CO., LTD. at Ningbo in Zhejiang, China.
Established SHINKO EUROPE B.V. in the Netherlands.
2005 Moved head office to Senbahigashi, Minoo, Osaka.
2007 Established SHINKO TECHNOS R&D CO., LTD. in Vietnam.
2013 Hironori Kitagawa inaugurated as new president.
Created Environmental Project.
2014 Demonstration cultivating facility completed at Fukuoka factory.
2015 Reduced capital to JPY 90,000,000.
Transferred entire amount of remaining capital to capital reserves.
2020 Merged Shinko industry Co., Ltd.
Renewed Sanda factory.

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