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Input Devices Sensors, Detectors  

  Type Model Features Appearance
Temperature Indoor Type Temperature Sensor DSW-100 Indoor Type
Infrared Temperature Sensor
(Measurement without
touching the object)
RD-500 Close Focus type available.
RD-600 Measurement is possible through glass,
as well as lustrous metal surfaces.
RD-715 Quick response time: 14 ms
Humidity Indoor Type Humidity Sensor DSW-100 Indoor Type
Duct Inserted Type Humidity
DSD-200-HA Duct Inserted Type
Humidity detectors HD-500-V Wall-mounted type
Hygrothermo Indoor Type
Temperature/Humidity Sensor
DSW-100 Indoor Type
Hygrothermo detectors THD-500-V Wall-mounted type
Hygrothermo detectors THD-500-FA Panel fixing type using bush.
THT-500 Input using Dry and Wet bulb sensors
CO2 Indoor Type CO2 Sensor DSW-200-CO2 Indoor Type
Duct Inserted Type CO2 Sensor DSD-101-CO2 Duct Inserted Type
Fluid, etc Level switch LV-300 100% Die-cast aluminum unit
Thermostat SS-100 Bimetal
Water quality related sensors - To Water Quality Managements  
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