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Terms of Use

This website (hereinafter Website) is operated and maintained by Shinko Technos Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Shinko). You may use this Website only after you agree to accept these Terms of Use.

Shinko may update these Terms of Use at any time without notice, and such update will be effective at the time the updated Terms of Use are put on this Website.
Please confirm the latest contents of these Terms of Use.

1. Environment of Use
We recommend the following environments.

1) Recommended OS
Microsoft Windows 7or later

Recommended browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later

This Website may not display correctly on any other OS or browsers not listed above.


Prohibited Usage
Shinko owns copyright and other rights for the contents (hereinafter Contents) such as text, logos, trademarks, photos, illustrations, tables, diagrams, software and data described on this Website.
You are prohibited from using, printing or saving any of the Contents for private purpose, and from using the Contents beyond the scope allowed explicitly by laws (including, without limitation, duplicating, analyzing, transmitting, distributing, lending, licensing, etc.) without obtaining Shinko's prior consent.

3. JavaScript
Some pages on this Website use JavaScript. If JavaScript is not enabled in your browser, please change the setting of your browser to enable JavaScript in viewing this Website.

4. About Cookies
Shinko uses a cookie-based system for some contents on this Website to facilitate ease of use for our customers.
Set your browser to enable cookies.
The data collected includes information about your PC environment. We do not collect any personal data such as user names, passwords, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses that could be used to identify individual visitors. Even if you refuse to receive cookies, you can utilize this Website, however, some functions will not work.

5. Links
Third-party websites linked to/from this Website are not operated and maintained by Shinko but by the third-party respectively, and their contents are not under the control or supervision of Shinko.

1) If you wish to link your website to this Website, consult us by clicking [Other Inquiries].
2) Links to this Website should be the HOME page [].
3) Shinko reserves the right to terminate any link at any time if it is deemed inappropriate.
If you cannot agree with our Terms of Use for any reason, you can choose to stop using this Website.
4) In using this Website, we have the right to refuse any links:
- from a site which slanders or defames any director or employees of Shinko and any of its affiliated companies.
- from a site which offends public order and morals or damages the credibility or dignity of Shinko and any of its affiliated companies.
- which show this Website in a framed page or other manner which obscures the fact that the original contents come from this Website.
- which show this Website in a manner which misleads a third party into believing that an entity making such link has a certain special relationship with Shinko and any of its affiliated companies such as partnership or cooperative relationship.

6. Whole or Partial Suspension of This Website
To maintain successful operation of this Website, Shinko reserves the right to stop this Website entirely or partially without prior notice in the following occasions. Shinko is not liable for any damage resulting from whole or partial suspension of this Website in the event of:
1) periodic or urgent system maintenance of equipment/facilities such as the server of this Website
2) fire, power failure, earthquake, eruption, force majeure, obstruction by a third party, etc.
3) defect or malfunction of equipment/facilities such as the server of this Website

being judged that it is required to stop this Website temporarily.

7. Prohibited Acts
When you use this Website, you shall not:

1) infringe or be likely to infringe a copyright, trade secret, property, profit, privacy, right, reputation, trust, etc.
2) use or provide harmful computer programs, data or information such as computer viruses via or in association with this Website.
3) offend or be likely to offend public order and morals.

interfere or be likely to interfere with the operation of this Website.

5) violate or be likely to violate any law.
6) commit any act equivalent to the preceding items.
7) commit any other act that Shinko deems inappropriate.

8. Disclaimer
1) While using this Website, various malfunctions such as garbled characters, missing data, errors, abort, out-of-service, etc., may occur depending on the various conditions of use.
Shinko is not liable for any damage resulting from these malfunctions.
2) Contents and URL of this Website are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
Shinko is not liable for any damage resulting from the change and/or removal of any of them.


Inquiries about This Website
If you have any questions or requests about this Website, please click [Other Inquiries], using the form.

January 7th, 2013

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